Non-Metaphysical Stephen

I believe Christianity should be the most progressive force in society. I believe God loves humanity so
much that he chose to experience our life for himself. I believe that the call of God is to bring love,
light, hope, joy, peace and life to those who lead lives of quiet desperation. I believe God allows us to
create history rather than to be determined by it. I believe it is possible to change the world through

This site contains my writings on Bible passages and on Christian devotion, most of which were first
published on the now-defunct

One helpful article is my "User's Guide" to the Bible. Since many people do not know how the Books
of the Bible are arranged, I have tried to explain the groupings within the Hebrew and Christian

My devotional writings center on how to make every activity of our lives -- work, sleep, meals -- into an
act of devotion. The goal is to take our devotional times into every hour of our day.

My Bible studies examine various passages, characters, and topics from the Bible, such as King
David, Father Abraham, politics, tithing, and waiting on the promises of God.

I hope you enjoy and I hope you are challenged and edified by these. And please let me know what
you think!

peace and grace,